What is this website?

This website is a work-in-progress conceptual design for a Modern-day space exploration MMORPG, called Spaceflight Online. This game is not in development. This website is a personal hobby project.


So Spaceflight Online isn't real?

No, just a hobby website. But I'd love for it to be real some day. So to play along, I will pretend that it is a real game and tell you all about it.


What is Spaceflight Online?

Spaceflight Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. You will play the part of an internationally-trained astronaut, traveling into space, deploying satellites for funds, going on missions to build space stations, plan and build Moon bases, explore near-earth locations, and even make dangerous expeditions to Mars and beyond.

Players will have multiple fields of study and disciplines of astronaut training to choose from. You can choose to fly solo missions for various government space programs, join other players as part of a Mission Crew, or form more lasting bonds by forming Space Agencies, Spaceflight Online’s equivalent to clans. You will also have the opportunity to design and build your own spacecraft, launch vehicles, and space centers.


What is an MMORPG?

A MMORPG is a game played online in which thousands of people from around the world can explore and work together or separately in a virtual environment created by a game company. It is a persistent environment that continues to exist when you log out of the game. Many of the things you create in this world, such as launch centers and space stations will continue to be visible as well. MMORPGs typically charge a monthly subscription fee to pay for ongoing development, improvements, and new content.


What is the setting of Spaceflight Online?

Spaceflight Online is set in the year 2010 on Earth during a modern space-race to the Moon and beyond. In this time, the only human-occupied outpost is the completed International Space Station.

Moon and Mars missions are planned for the near future by the various government agencies, but as a Corp of internationally-trained commercial astronauts, it is up to players to bring humanity back to the stars and stay there. As such, players will have access to Earth launch centers, Earth orbits, Lunar space, the Lunar surface, the stable Langrange points along the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, as well as Mars and a portion of its surface.

Later expansions will include the Asteroid Belt, Near-Earth Objects, Jupiter and its moons, and Saturn and it’s moons.


How will Spaceflight Online differ from other MMORPGs?

Spaceflight Online is a space exploration simulation and building game. There will be no combat in Spaceflight Online. There will be no shooting of space-rabbits or Martian monsters. The main purpose of players is to expand the human frontier and develop the future of spaceflight. You will be competing with other players to build the best spacecraft, create the most successful space centers, or create self-sustaining outposts on the Moon and Mars.


Does Spaceflight Online have a first person or third person view?

Spaceflight Online (SFO) will be playable from both a first person and third person view, with rotating camera controls.


Can I run the game in a window?

You will be able to run SFO in window mode.


Is the game continuously updated with new content?

Newly developed or improved content will be added to the game every month. These updates can take the form of new items, new spacecraft, new buildings, or new gameplay features.


Can I play if I live outside of North America?

Yes, Spaceflight Online will be available to international subscribers.




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